2/3 June 2018

Night of Culture is a festival of endless surprises; incredible things happen. Art enlivens forgotten or unknown places. Gates become light installations and squares turn into theatre stages. The streets of the Old Town surprise even its most frequent visitors. Galleries, theatres and museums stay open until the wee hours. Night of Culture inspires us to rediscover Lublin or to discover it for the very first time. Participants face difficult choices; there are several hundred attractions to see and it’s only one night. The theme of the 2018 edition is: CityMoments.

A moment is a short period of time, distinguished because it marks something important, an important event. This word is universal and sounds the same in many languages. We are unable to precisely define what a “moment” is, but we know that we all experience this unique occurence. The city is our space, a space for people. People make the city thrive and change all the time. CityMoments is a sum of all the sensations, delights and surprises that await us at Night of Culture 2018.


28 June - 1 July 2018

Different sounds are the most sought-after ingredients of modern music and the impulse that drives the best artists to create unique and innovative music. You may ask where does one look for different sounds at present when we are flooded by many weird sounds? The answer is Lublin in July! East of Culture – Different Sounds Art’n’ Music Festival allows us to experience the most interesting musical trends transcending genres, traditions and cultures. This is one of the most inspiring and innovative festivals in Poland that allows us to see live many world-class performers and mind-blowing rising musicians in the very heart of Lublin. This is exactly what is happening this year as well. For 5 days, we will experience non-commercial and non-mainstream music, discover independent cinema, unexplored literature and art. The inspiring idea of “East of Culture” written into the very name of the festival keeps drawing to Lublin the most interesting artists from countries such as Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia. In July in Lublin, the East meets the West and music transcends all borders.


July 2018 (TBC)

The last weekend of July sees Lublin drown in massive fun. Clowns stop cars in the city centre, buskers make passers-by cry with laughter, acrobats perform mesmerising tricks. We have bloodcurdling axe or band saw juggling shows and highliners walk above our heads. The festival disrupts existing routine, entertains, shocks and touches the heart. For four days the artists of nouveau cirque from all over the world present their unique skills in the streets, squares and inside archways. They pull people into their spectacles and make everyday worries go away at least for a few moments.

The Urban Highline Festival, an inseparable part of Carnaval Sztukmistrzów, is world’s largest and the only official festival dedicated to slacklining. Lublin is the only place in the world where lines are hung only throughout the city, mostly its historical quarter.  In 2016,  over 300 slackliners from all over the world took part in the festival.  They had an opportunity to challenge 15 lines, all between  15-200 metres long, hung at heights ranging from 7 to 40 metres. This year they will also walk the ropes at night.


August 2018 (TBC)

The Jagiellonian Fair is a festival that allows us to explore various aspects of traditional culture, both in its archaic, authentic forms as well as contemporary versions. The richness of the festival is manifested in the many areas it covers: music, art, crafts, theatre. We invite artists active in local communities who research traditional culture or cultivate regional and family traditions. The Jagiellonian Fair is an opportunity to meet artists inspired by village music and those who create its modern version.  The programme includes numerous concerts and nighttime dance parties featuring traditional tunes and the music is performed live by unique bands and the Jagiellonian Fair Orchestra.  In the Old Town, we can meet hundreds of artisans and craftsmen from Poland and other Central and Eastern European countries. Presentations and workshops give us a chance to see and learn techniques and patterns that are largely forgotten nowadays. We also have attractions for children. These are waiting for them at the Jagiellonian Fair Playground. We have traditional games that are meant to be fun but also to educate them on traditional culture.  It is a space intended for entire families.

During the Jagiellonian Fair, the city is alive from dawn to dusk.  Let’s get swept away by this cultural energy and use this opportunity to experience many cultures in one place.


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